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Quantalys offers a full range of tools from the customer knowledge to monitoring portfolios over time, including the generation of optimal financial proposals in accordance with the current regulation. Linked to different business software on the market, Quantalys licences come with options that meet the multiple needs of investment advisory structures.

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Whether they wish to take advantage of the richness of the Multi+ licence or gain visibility, Quantalys offers asset management companies tailor-made solutions to meet their specific objectives. Competitive benchmark, fund comparison, portfolio analyses, communication campaigns, sponsorship; Quantalys' offer is diversified and continuously enriched.

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Key Accounts customers are characterised by their specific needs, in terms of volume or technicality. Often involving several business lines, Key Accounts projects require tailor-made solutions that combine responsiveness, flexibility and scalability. Quantalys provides high added value offers as well as dedicated commercial support and project monitoring.

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Retail customers, who wish to have a tool to monitor financial products and their portfolio, can subscribe to the Premium Licence. It provides the basic functionalities for the individual investor.

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Pro and Pro+ licences

The range of Pro and Pro+ licences is a suite of tools dedicated to the analysis and construction of financial offers for investors. It is aimed at financial advisers and distributors and designers of financial offers. You can work with over 70K products available in France and 400 contracts (Life insurance, Capitalisation, PER, etc.).


Global licence

The Global licence brings together all Quantalys' features including its latest innovations : Multi-currency, Multi-country and Multi-Language ​​management.


Path digital : Subscription and arbitration

A complete digital journey for the final customer and/or the financial advisor, including informations on the financial products of the repository, portfolio simulation and viewing, underwriting in title account and in life insurance, arbitrage, updates daily, calculation and viewing of the portfolio.


Tool : Online Investor Center

Give your investors access to a dedicated online space to monitor their portfolios, aggregate their banking and asset data, access to reporting and investment proposals and sign documents.


Tool : Portfolio Distribution

Offer your model portfolios to Quantalys users. They will be directly visible and usable in the Quantalys model portfolio selection model.


Tool : Portfolio valuation

This enables the valuation to be calculated, along with the performance and capital gain of multi-product investment portfolios (UCIs, REITs, ETFs, EMTNs, secondary market securities, etc...). It integrates the characteristics of securities accounts (CTO, PEA, PEE, etc.) and Insurance contracts (Life, Capi, PER, etc.). It manages movements, charges and Corporate Actions. It retrieves and restores data by flows, API, or modular web interface.


Tool : Model Portfolio Selection

Manage your clients' investments using a wide range of model portfolios. Select and compare your range amongst your own creations, the Quantalys portfolios or the portfolios of market managers.


Regulatory path

An entry into digitalised relationship in KYC format and a risk questionnaire that refers to the market.